From Bin Laden to MAGA

I have seen two horrible years. Enough!

1968 was a very bad year. Domestic terrorism that overshadows the present day Fox News driven lie machine. Assassination of two of the greatest men of the twentieth century, M.L. King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy. The election of Nixon and his lies that ended the draft but extended the war six more years. These are just the things that hit me, a few of hundreds that left us feeling that the center could not hold. It couldn't.

Fifty years later as if on command came another horrible year. Terrorism against the Constitution and all forms of civility. Accomplishments long fought for reversed at the stroke of a pen. Back to the fifties again (or is it the thirties?) in race relations. Cowardice embodied in the Republican party, confusion in the Democrats, arrogance and fascistic greed in the President. There is no Constitution, no rule of law, no traditions of governance or civility. America is finished and I hope we can start all over again someday.

Osama Bin Laden won. The moral foundation of this society was so thin that we were ready to hate each other at any provocation. The church sold out so completely that we had nothing to offer and Jesus was finally dead and forgotten, at least in the places where America was worshipped and the horrible insinuations of sanctimony counted as praise indeed.